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The Best Cat Furniture at the Best Prices

This is our section where you will find our most popular and best cat furniture and cat posts available. Of course all of our cat furniture and cat posts are the best, but this is the section where you will find our most popular products that people order the most. That doesn't mean that you have to order the same piece of cat furniture, everyone's different!

New Cat Condos manufactures the best and highest quality cat furniture and posts for cats, at some of the best prices. Many people often ask why we offer such cheap cat furniture. Our answer is this; we don't sell "cheap cat furniture" we sell affordable cat furniture and cat posts. That is because all of our cat furniture is made with the upmost quality that you will ever find. 

best cat furniture

All of our best "affordable" cat furniture and kitty houses are individually hand crafted to ensure it will be the best piece of furniture for your cat. New Cat Condos usues quality solid wood, thick sisal rope, and high grade house hold carpet to build your kitty's new home. The best part is, unlike other manufactures, our cat furniture uses no toxic materials. Your cat can safely use the best cat furniture.

So you might ask then, why is your cat furniture so affordable? The answer is simple. New Cat Condos is the manufacture of the best cat furniture. New Cat Condos sells its products directly to the customer. You also might see some of our cat furniture else where, this is because New Cat Condos distributes its best cat furniture to pet stores also. But you can be guaranteed that New Cat Condos offers the most affordable price possible on all of the cat furniture we sell to the public.

Go ahead, and feel confident buying the best cat furniture and posts for cats for your kitty. Your cat will love playing on the best cat furniture available to them, and you can be happy that it didn't cost you an arm and a leg to offer the best piece of cat furniture to them.

Key Features in the Best Cat Furniture & Cat Posts

  • Affordable Cat Furniture

  • Quality Cat Furniture

  • Safe Cat Furniture

  • Cat Furniture Made With the Best Materials


  • Free Shipping on All Cat Furniture

We take pride in making all of our cat furniture to see how it i made watch our 5 minute video "how the best cat furniture is made". From this video you can see that every cat house is made with you and your kitty in mind. From the high grade material we use to the automated process we use. We have been making quality cat furniture for over 25 years and think that we can make the best cat house for you and kitty.. Look at the products and think about your cats personality and what your cat would like then think about you home decor and pick the cat condo that will work best for you. You are sure to find it on this page. If you need addition help in selecting the perfect cat furniture then read this article on "selecting the best cat furniture"

The Many Benefits of Cat Posts

Your cat is a natural climber and how many times have you found your favorite feline on top of the sofa, in the window sill, perhaps even making it to the top of the dresser or shelf? Cats love to climb and allowing them to fulfill there natural instinct by getting them a cat post will bring them years of entertainment that is safe for both your cat and your furniture.

Cat posts come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes that will fit any room, so it’s easy to find the right type of cat pole for your cats. Many of these versions feature multiple cat posts which are more endearing to cats as they can pick and choose the ones to climb as well as use them for cat scratch posts. Looking for the right type of cat posts for your kitty has never been easier thanks to the wide selection that is now available.

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