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New Cat Condos handcrafts a vast selection of cat towers in every shape and size. So what seperates a cat tower from a cat condo might you ask? A Cat Tower typically features a tall tower like structure that your kitties can climb up on. Compared to cat condos, cat towers don't typically have many houses, and feature more tall structures with perches. The Cat Tower is a piece of cat furniture that is built with a cat's play time in mind as apposed to nap time. Cat Towers often at times are reffered to as kitty towers. Kitties tend to thrive on cat towers, simply because they're so full of energy and are all about play time. This is why a kitty tower is perfect for a new kitten or any energetic cat.

  Careful engineering and design goes into each kitty tower that New Cat Condos handcrafts. New Cat Condos thrives to build a cat tower that will not only serve its purpose for your kitty, but will also look well in your home. We thrive to create towers that are simple and will blend in with every home decor. You might see that with other manufactures, they design products that are as tall as possible, and have perches just thrown on in every different direction. Not only are these cat towers from other manufactures difficult to assemble, but they also stick out like a sore thumb in your home.

Of course every cat tower is made with the highest quality materials to ensure your cat will have fun on it for many years to come. Each cat tower is made with high quality wood, thick sisal rope, and high quality household grade carpet. The best part is each cat tower is handcrafted with no toxic materials and are completely safe for your cat.

So go ahead and find a stylish cat tower for your home. One that is handcrafted right here in America, with the best quality materials that include solid wood, thick sisal rope, and household grade carpet. All packaged, mostly assembled, and shipped to your door for free.

Benefits of a Cat Tower:

  •  Tall Stylish Cat Towers

  • Quality Material Used on Cat Towers

  • Cat Towers are 100% Safe for your Cat

  • Free Shipping on All Cat Towers

We reccomend the 6 Foot Tall Cat Tower for most kitties. This cat tower arrives fully assembled and features multiple places for your cat to climb and rest!

Need some more help in selecting a high quality kitty tower go to our article: What to look for in a quality cat tower